Building Management Company on Lanzarote


Your Advantages

We are an independent enterprise with no contractual obligations of any kind, neither with agents nor architects or building contractors. Our only obligation consists in the fulfilment of the contracts we conclude with our clients.

We do not work on a commission basis, so that all price reductions we may obtain from our negotiations with the contractors are of the benefit to our client.

As the use of the specified materials for the structure is guaranteed, our customers are safe from future damages to this regard.

Our customers are constantly informed about the proceeding of the works, thus being protected from unpleasant surprises.

For additional information, we are at your disposal any time.
Please phone, write, fax or send an E-mail.

ASBA SL - Building Management Company

Calle Orión 4
E-35.543 Charco del Palo
Mala - Lanzarote

Tel./Fax: (+34)928.17.34.21


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ASBA S.L. Building Management Company on Lanzarote